7 Problems That Unthread Can Solve For Employee Support

7 Problems That Unthread Can Solve For Employee Support

Internal customer support for your team is just as important as handling external customer tickets. Having well-oiled departments would result in better service to your external customers. Here are the problems that Unthread can help solve in your customer support department to make sure all the department concerns are addressed.

Slack Conversations Are Left Untracked

As companies move more and more operations to Slack, it has become a common intake channel for tickets to get things done. Whether this is in a channel like #it-support or a DM to a user directly, these messages often get dropped if they aren't manually converted to a ticket. Unthread solves this with "conversational ticketing" that converts Slack threads in support channels into tickets automatically.

Multiple Sources for Ticket Intake

Employees may submit a ticket via email, but then send a follow-up via Slack. Or they may submit a ticket through a web form, and then send a subsequent request via email. Unthread merges these tickets across sources into a unified inbox where agents can access all customer interactions from various channels in a single, organized view. This not only saves time but also provides complete conversation history, allowing your team to understand the context of each concern quickly. Faster access to context translates to faster and more efficient ticket resolution.

Most Tickets Can Be Answered by Existing Documentation

It's estimated that over half of support tickets are purely informational, meaning the employee is asking for information that may be available in your docs. It's a rule of thumb that users hate reading docs, so it makes sense that they're submitting a ticket as a shortcut to the answer. Not to worry, you can automatically generate answers to questions from users based on your set of documentation, whether those docs are in Confluence, Google Drive, Notion, and more.

Out of Date Documentation

Unthread syncs your knowledge base into the platform and, with the help of a trained generative AI, ensures that information and company protocols are always updated. More importantly, as reps give answers that may be different from your docs, Unthread AI can provide answers based on previously resolved threads, and can suggest areas where your documentation needs updating.

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Tedious, Repetitive Work Done By Reps That Can Be Automated

As you understand the types of tickets that you're fielding, you'll identify trends of common questions and common resolutions to those questions. Sometimes this involves a rep tediously clicking around a dashboard on an internal tool to do something like resetting an MFA token or adding to an Okta group. With Unthread, we can collect the necessary information from the user and kick off these workflows either automatically or with a human approval step in the loop.

Lack of Extensibility

Often times, you'll want to add in workflow optimizations like sending a CSAT survey on ticket close, or notifying employees of office holidays when you'll be slow to respond, and traditional ticketing tools lack the ability for these to be baked directly into the channels where employees submit tickets. With Unthread, you can not only embed these automations directly into Slack, but we also provide a full API, webhooks, and Zapier integrations to build anything that doesn't already exist.

Inflexible SLAs and Prioritization

Unthread customizes SLAs to fit into your internal support needs. Sometimes, different departments can have different priorities, so addressing customer issues will vary from one department to another. This is the reason why Unthread was built to make the SLAs customizable. It can be configured with multiple steps to match your team’s workflow and customer’s expectations. This configuration includes assigning conversations to individuals or user groups, escalating conversations sending reminders to assignees, and posting conversations to a triage channel for further discussion. This feature also ensures that the most critical issues are addressed first.


Unthread is designed to meet employees where they are and provide the additional tools to reps to automate easy tasks. Our deep Slack integrations, omni-channel inbox, AI responses, and automations make it easy to get answers faster with less time spent by your team on tedious tasks and more time for important strategic work.

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