June Product Update

June Product Update

A quick recap of Unthread's new features for June.

✨ Connect your Helpdesk to Generate AI Responses

We saw great feedback on our beta rollout of Unthread's AI-generated support. Most notably, we can now generate smart responses from your helpdesk content. We've now rolled out access to more features that you can find by going to "Settings" > "AI"

📥 Web Inbox is Speedier and More Powerful Than Ever

In addition to the Slack inbox, you can manage tickets from the web for additional control, with:

  • Keyboard shortcuts and navigation – look for the ⚡️ icon or use "command"+"k" to bring up quick actions
  • See changes to conversations and who made them
  • Snooze, reassign, add notes, and more
  • Advanced filtering by customer, assignee, tag, etc.
  • Dark mode! 🌙

🌴 Out-of-office and User Schedule Syncing

You can now use Slack statuses to indicate when a team member is out of office or on vacation. This will exclude them rotations and will assign conversations to their dedicated back-up representative if set.

💬 Improvements to the In-App Chat Widget

The In-app Chat widget allows customers to chat with you from your website, and you can reply right from Slack. We now support bi-directional attachments (from widget or from Slack) and support more UI customization.

🚀 Other Fun New Stuff:

  • When you "triage" conversations, you'll see a link in the Slack Inbox to the triaged internal thread
  • The "snooze" action in Slack now has quick defaults (3 hours, tomorrow, next week, etc.)
  • You can now exclude certain conversations from your analytics (e.g. exclude test conversations)
  • Edit conversation resolution times right from the Slack manage conversation screen
  • Email threads show attachments inline on web conversation details page
  • You can now add people from other Slack workspaces as members of your team

That's it for now!