Superpowered Support with AI

AI Automation Meets Human Relationship-Building

How AI-Generated Support Works

Using the latest in GPT-based AI, we’re able to generate real solutions to customer problems instantly.

Add your documentation

Link any form of documentation and we’ll automatically crawl and sync the information for the AI to use as a reference for its answers and recommendations.

Customize the responses

Set the limits of how you want AI to operate. You can optionally only leverage AI for certain times of day or for certain customer tiers.

Improve based on feedback

Collect feedback on when your documentation is missing details needed to answer questions, keeping your knowledgebase up-to-date.

Generate insightful answers instantly

Let the AI bot respond directly or assist your reps with the context they need.

Gain insights with auto-tagging

Categorize customer conversations instantly and learn what topics are trending.

Track trends over time to see how your product development is keeping pace with customer demand.

Find the Signal in the Noise

Generate summaries for messages, threads, customers, or even your entire week of tickets.

Connect to any helpdesk in seconds

Build Great Customer Relationships
With AI By Your Side

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