Embed AI-Powered Chat into Your Site

With a few lines of code, add chat to your site that integrates directly with Slack.


Embed into your website with the right look and feel of your brand.


Control appearance, messaging, and more via code or no-code options.


Sync website conversations with your customers in your CRM.

Chat in real-time from Slack

New conversations create private Slack threads where you can collaborate privately with your team.

Manage tickets end-to-end

Add internal notes, set priority, and track against your SLA – all from Slack.

Send replies from your Slack thread

Customers will see your responses on your website in real-time. You can even send emojis, images, videos, and more.

Sync to your other tools

In-app chat messages are kept in sync with messages from your Email, Slack channels, and any of your CRMs or third party tools.

Want to see it in action?

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