Security is a core principle, not an afterthought

We’re built from the ground up to protect customer data and meet the highest standards of privacy & security.

SOC2 Type II Compliant

Unthread follows industry-standard compliance frameworks guiding internal controls and processes to ensure security of customer data.

Built for the Enterprise

Get access to a special set of features that supports the needs of a modern enterprise company.


Data is encrypted in transit and at rest with AES 256-bit encryption. Sensitive data is also encrypted with customer-specific keys that aren’t stored on our servers.



Customer data is protected with enterprise-grade physical and network security. We never sell your data and it is always portable if you choose to leave.


We undergo frequent pen testing in addition to internal automated testing. Our fault-tolerant infrastructure ensures that we’re always available.

Talk with our team to access our SOC2 report and other documentation

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