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AI-Powered Ticketing in Slack

Unthread automatically tracks conversations as tickets and uses AI to prioritize, assign, and resolve instantly.

Sample conversation between a customer and agent

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Finally, Scalable Support on Slack


Track New Conversations

All new conversations are automatically tracked as tickets with assignment & alerts


Set Alerts to Meet Your SLAs

Measure and improve your response times with assignment logic and clear escalation paths


Integrate and Automate

Link your Slack conversations with your CRM, task managers, marketing tools, and more

Powerful ticketing built for humans & AI

While customers reach out in Slack, your team members have a powerful back-office ticketing tool to navigate the queue, kick off automations, and seamlessly hand off between human and AI responses.

Try the first inbox built for Slack support

🙋 Assign ownership of incoming messages

🙌 View your assignments directly within Slack

🧘‍♀️ Close them out when you’re done — reach inbox zero

Get faster responses and faster resolutions

Not all messages are created equal. Prioritize important tickets, easily loop in colleagues, and escalate to reach your SLA targets.

Understand common issues and trends

🦾 Automatically categorize incoming ticket types

🧑‍🔬 Analyze response and resolution time per category

🔮 Learn where your documentation is missing or out of date

Example of Unthread AI categorizing conversations

One place to manage all incoming tickets

Unthread is an omni-channel inbox that aggregates tickets and data across any source that your customers use.

Manage Slack Channels or Slack DMs

Automatically track tickets from Slack channels or let users DM a support bot for private ticket creation.

Manage Support Emails Alongside Slack

Forward support emails into Slack to create private threads about each new message.

Embed Live Chat and Customer Portals

With a few lines of code, you can provide a live chat interface or a ticket dashboard customized to your brand.

Get Analytics Across All Your Channels

Aggregate data across all ticket sources and track where customers are engaging the most.

Create Your Own Workflows With Our Powerful API

Our full API and webhook support allows you to extend the Unthread platform and integrate with internal tools and processes.

Even more features

CRM Sync

All new conversations are automatically tracked as tickets with assignment & alerts

Helpdesk integration

Sync tickets to your helpdesk, and generate AI responses directly from your documentation

Task manager integration

Create tasks in Jira, Asana, Linear, and almost any other task manager and get real-time updates

Triage channels

Cross-post customer conversations into an internal channel for private discussion

Kanban ticket view

Manage your tickets from Slack or the web with our flexible kanban ticket board


Get comprehensive analytics on response time, resolution time, common issues, and more

On-call rotations

All new conversations are automatically tracked as tickets with assignment & alerts


Generate responses created by AI or set by your team, based on question type and even time of day

Multi-channel broadcasts

Design Slack messages with our drag & drop builder, and get analytics on channel engagement

Integrated with your favorite tools

Connect to task managers, CRMs, data warehouses, existing support platforms, and so much more.

Security built for the enterprise

SOC2 Type 2 compliance and industry-leading security practices mean your data is safe.

How Unthread Works Across Industries

Start automating your ticketing in Slack

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