Support your customers on Slack with AI by your side

Build stronger relationships with Slack-native tools

Example conversation involving the Unthread bot

Conversational ticketing

Track new conversations as tickets so you can chat normally and be sure nothing is lost.

Assignment & escalation

Assign conversations to the right people on your team based on customer, content, and SLA rules.

Close out right from Slack

Our powerful Slack app allows you manage your conversations without leaving the app.

Bring conversations to a unified inbox

Unthread’s Slack inbox is a powerful way to track all open conversations without ever leaving Slack.

Integrate with your CRM to better understand customers

Empower reps by seting custom SLAs based on account type (e.g. Enterprise), storing conversation history, and enriching channels with account data.

Create tasks linked to conversations

Share conversation context to your favorite task tracking tool and get notified when linked tasks are complete.

Use AI to generate responses & insights

Using the latest in GPT-based AI, Unthread can help you understand common issues and provide insightful answers right from your help documentation.

Even more features

CRM Sync

All new conversations are automatically tracked as tickets with assignment & alerts

Helpdesk integration

Sync tickets to your helpdesk, and generate AI responses directly from your documentation

Task manager integration

Create tasks in Jira, Asana, Linear, and almost any other task manager and get real-time updates

Triage channels

Cross-post customer conversations into an internal channel for private discussion

Kanban ticket view

Manage your tickets from Slack or the web with our flexible kanban ticket board


Get comprehensive analytics on response time, resolution time, common issues, and more

On-call rotations

All new conversations are automatically tracked as tickets with assignment & alerts


Generate responses created by AI or set by your team, based on question type and even time of day

Multi-channel broadcasts

Design Slack messages with our drag & drop builder, and get analytics on channel engagement


Get started with better Slack-based support

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