AI-Automated Internal Ticketing

Built into Slack

Track and resolve internal requests in Slack with a powerful AI by your side.

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How Unthread Works

Conversational Ticketing

New messages in channels automatically track tickets without complex forms or workflows.

Smart Routing

Assign tickets to the right team members based on the type of ticket created.

Helpdesk Integration

Surface knowledgebase articles and let team members resolve their own issues.

Managed in Slack

Tickets can be managed from start to finish with powerful Slack-native tools.

Solutions for Every Use-Case

IT Teams

Create a channel for new requests and assign to the right member of your team to fulfill.

HR & People Teams

Assign questions about benefits, payroll, time off, etc. to the right teams in your org.

Internal Q&A

Set up channels where any team member can ask questions of another supporting team.

Developer Support

Set up an internal support channel where developers can answer technical questions.

Bug Reporting

Provide a place for team members to report issues, and ensure the right team takes a look.

Sample Slack thread showing a request for a promotion and the Unthread bot's reply

Manage Tickets Without Leaving Slack

Unthread’s Slack inbox is a powerful way to track all open tickets, deeplink to the right thread, and close issues out.

Use AI to Generate Responses & Insights

Using the latest in GPT-based AI, Unthread can help you understand common issues and provide insightful answers right from your help documentation.

Build Custom Workflows With Your Other Tools

Use our built-in integrations with task managers, CRMs, no-code tools, or build your own with our API and webhooks.

The Leader in Slack-Native AI Chat

Using the latest in GPT-based AI, we’re able to generate real solutions to customer problems instantly.

Connect your documentation

Link your knowledge base source, whether it’s a Confluence wiki, a Notion workspace, or Google Drive. We’ll sync it and train our AI on the information.

Customize the responses

Set the amount of automation that matches your needs. Let the bot send documentation, ask follow-ups and auto-ping the right team member.

Improve based on feedback

Collect feedback on when your documentation is missing details needed to answer questions, keeping your knowledgebase up-to-date.

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Security built for the enterprise

SOC2 Type 2 compliance and industry-leading security practices mean your data is safe.

Even more features

Helpdesk integration

Sync tickets to your helpdesk, and generate AI responses directly from your documentation

Task manager integration

Create tasks in Jira, Asana, Linear, and almost any other task manager and get real-time updates

Triage channels

Cross-post customer conversations into an internal channel for private discussion

Kanban ticket view

Manage your tickets from Slack or the web with our flexible kanban ticket board

On-call rotations

All new conversations are automatically tracked as tickets with assignment & alerts

Surveys & analytics

Get comprehensive analytics on response times, resolution times, common issues, and even CSAT scores

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